jQuery Plugins

I have made begun to make some simple jQuery plugins that make some odd things much easier to do. They’re not much at the minute because my JavaScript coding skills are minimal, but quite a few people seem to find them useful.

Simple jQuery Slideshow

The jQuery Slideshow Plugin is a very simple slideshow addon for jQuery with no frills and with the simple job of flicking between any number of images after a set delay. The delay can be set to whatever is required and when it is reached the image will fade into the next one.

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jQuery Catfish Advert Plugin

The jQuery Catfish Plugin allows you to display Catfish adverts with one simple function call.

Catfish adverts are adverts that appear in a seperate section to the content on a page. They attract the attention of the eye very easily when they slide in. As well as adverts you can place any other sort of content possible in there. Anything that can go in a DIV can be used. Normally you have to apply many CSS hacks to make it work in all browsers. Makes life so much easier.

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