Dig PHP is a very simple PHP File browser. It is designed to allow people to view the code for web design projects and it also supports syntax highlighting for many common web design file formats, such as:

  • ASP
  • CSS
  • (X)HTML
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • XML

This is as well as supporting common image types (PNG, GIF, JPEG) and plain text files.

You can also set to hide certain files and forbid access to them and also add descriptions using very simple XML files (See bellow for details on how to use this feature).


The project was originally a very basic test for a class made internally at Lowter. It was later seen as useful by the developer, and therefore extra work was put into it to make it a fully working product. From the first working build to its released it had many upgrades and many features were added to the program, including: Templating, XML files and extra security. Templates were later removed as the feature was found to be useless. All these (bar templating) have gone on to make DigPHP a much used product within lowter, and hopefully in other organisation soon as well.

Project Aims

The aims of DigPHP is to allow a developer to quickly and easily allow uses to browse and see the code of any web design project, all with syntax highlighting. The project all aims to offer a simple way to add descriptions and hide sensitive files, through use of its XML description files.


  1. Version 1.0 Released

    Jan 2007

    Just after midnight (GMT) I desided it was time to release DigPHP. After many months (Almost half a years) use on my own development server I guess it time to unleash it to the rest of the computing world. Download version 1.0 now and just add it to the root of your development server and use it to browse around. One of the best uses we have for DigPHP at Lowter is to use it to show eachother source code wihtout ever sending a file to anyone; it was used in developing Ottoman V2 and Olympiad resently.

    Download Version 1.0 now from SourceForge.net.


Current Stable Release

Version 1.0 - Download Now - Released 01/01/07

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