Web Design

Web design is one thing that I’ve done for many years now. My skillset has grown over the years and I now use different skills quite a bit, trying to make some cash. Bellow are some pages that contain some of the work that I’ve done.


As well as web design I’ve written one or two articles for websites, mainly Lowter. They’re not much but I guess I might as well link them from here.

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jQuery Plugins

I have made begun to make some simple jQuery plugins that make some odd things much easier to do. They’re not much at the minute because my JavaScript coding skills are minimal, but quite a few people seem to find them useful.

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As well a small plugins and little bits of code I have written some full applications, all using PHP. Some of them are very simple but they do what they do well.

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As with anything, over time you collect a large supply of interesting places that you’ve been or done. You will find here all of the links that I’m connected to in some way.

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