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Version update

4th October 2006

After all the emails and messages I've been getting about the player not fully working in firefox and not even working at all I've decided to fix it.

The player now uses a different flash player which works better with Firefox and has some fixes to the API used to get the player working. I'm not fully sure if the love button works fully but that for me isn't a priority, but will be sorted in the next version.

Also I've launched a new group on for the player. You can find it here. When you join you get updates on all new versions of the player, input into the development of the player and possibly even the chanse to actually work on the player. Join the group and get people interested in it.

Enjoy the new version!

Matt Oakes (lotrgamemast)

News Section added

16th May 2006

The news section will be used to alert our now many users to updates and changed to the hosted version of the Online Last.FM Player.

We are always interested to hear what you think about the player and how it can be improved. If you have a comment then you can send it as a personal message over Last.FM or direct. Both methods will be answered as quickly as I can.

Please continue to enjoy the player!

Matt Oakes (lotrgamemast)