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  1. [Upcoming Bands] - The Butterfly

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    I listen to quite a lot of music, mostly in school but also on my pc when I get home. Over time you learn about new, and small, local bands that have some material on the internet (Mostly on MySpace unfortunately) and start seeing/hearing some really talented people that just haven’t had that break yet. I’m just going to go through a few of my favourite unsigned or small bands in the next few posts.

    The Butterfly

    This is a band which was introduced to me by Tom. I listened to some of the tracks off their MySpace and really liked it; it was different, original and way away from what I normally listened to. It also helped that they were giving away free copies of their EP “Impatient Orchid”, which is now played quite a lot on my Zen.

    You know when you are listening to a band like no other when a song comes on that is based around the story of two Greek gods. The music is indeed quite different from anything I’d heard before. The vocals were very strange and grabbed your attention and made you listen. The style really was something that grabbed you, and made you listen. The music is a mad mix of all genres of rock, with very catchy lyrics (To the point of unconsciously singing the songs in exams).

    Although I love them they really aren’t for everyone. Many of my mates just think the music is really too weird to listen to. Have a listen to them and see what you think.

    Must Listen: “Eros and Thanatos”
    Other Good Songs: All the songs off “Impatient Orchid”

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