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  1. DigPHP 1.1

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    Just a quick update to DigPHP.

    I’ve now included a readme file to better explain some of the other features of DigPHP. Its not that difficult really and I’m sure you can do it alone.

    I’ve also updated the highlighter to the latest version. Doesn’t seam to be much difference but I might as well while I’m at it.


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  2. DigPHP Version 1.0 Released

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    DigPHP Screenshot

    After 6 months of almost no development on DigPHP I finally got round to rewriting it, and shipping it yesterday.

    Many of you will not have heard of what DigPHP is: It is essentially an online file browser, capable of reading directories, viewing files and also highlighting the syntax of certain file types (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and ASP). It is also able to read small XML files that will deny access to certain files as well as add descriptions to any file or folder you want.

    DigPHP was initially made as a test for a PHP class I made, but since then it has evolved into a full application. It is used a lot at Lowter as a way to show the code of applications in development, without sending all the files to each other.

    After half a day completely rewriting DigPHP I decided to release it as exactly midnight on the 1st January 2007. It is released under the GPL licence, which allows you to do what you like with it basically, and is available from the DigPHP project page.

    Download it and tell me what you think.

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