1. [Upcoming Bands] - The Butterfly

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    I listen to quite a lot of music, mostly in school but also on my pc when I get home. Over time you learn about new, and small, local bands that have some material on the internet (Mostly on MySpace unfortunately) and start seeing/hearing some really talented people that just haven’t had that break yet. I’m just going to go through a few of my favourite unsigned or small bands in the next few posts.

    The Butterfly

    This is a band which was introduced to me by Tom. I listened to some of the tracks off their MySpace and really liked it; it was different, original and way away from what I normally listened to. It also helped that they were giving away free copies of their EP “Impatient Orchid”, which is now played quite a lot on my Zen.

    You know when you are listening to a band like no other when a song comes on that is based around the story of two Greek gods. The music is indeed quite different from anything I’d heard before. The vocals were very strange and grabbed your attention and made you listen. The style really was something that grabbed you, and made you listen. The music is a mad mix of all genres of rock, with very catchy lyrics (To the point of unconsciously singing the songs in exams).

    Although I love them they really aren’t for everyone. Many of my mates just think the music is really too weird to listen to. Have a listen to them and see what you think.

    Must Listen: “Eros and Thanatos”
    Other Good Songs: All the songs off “Impatient Orchid”

    • MySpace
    • Official Website
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  2. DigPHP 1.1

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    Just a quick update to DigPHP.

    I’ve now included a readme file to better explain some of the other features of DigPHP. Its not that difficult really and I’m sure you can do it alone.

    I’ve also updated the highlighter to the latest version. Doesn’t seam to be much difference but I might as well while I’m at it.


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  3. DigPHP Version 1.0 Released

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    DigPHP Screenshot

    After 6 months of almost no development on DigPHP I finally got round to rewriting it, and shipping it yesterday.

    Many of you will not have heard of what DigPHP is: It is essentially an online file browser, capable of reading directories, viewing files and also highlighting the syntax of certain file types (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and ASP). It is also able to read small XML files that will deny access to certain files as well as add descriptions to any file or folder you want.

    DigPHP was initially made as a test for a PHP class I made, but since then it has evolved into a full application. It is used a lot at Lowter as a way to show the code of applications in development, without sending all the files to each other.

    After half a day completely rewriting DigPHP I decided to release it as exactly midnight on the 1st January 2007. It is released under the GPL licence, which allows you to do what you like with it basically, and is available from the DigPHP SourceForge.net project page.

    Download it and tell me what you think.

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  4. jQuery Catfish Version 1.2 Released

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    Just a heads up to everyone that a new version of jQuery Catfish has been released. It features a new way to make the plugin work in IE that just generally works better; it no longer wraps the entire page in a div to make it work.

    It’s backward compatible with the previous version and you only need to change the script, not the bit where you call the catfish.

    I’d also like to thank everyone who’s emailed me with comments and questions about the catfish plugin; It’s nice to see people using it well and that the work I put in wasn’t in vain, Thank You!!! :D :D :D

    You can find the new version of jQuery Catfish in the usual place on the plugin section of this site.

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  5. Away For Christmas

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    Well, here we go again. Another Christmas away from home and this one’s going to have to be amazing to make up for the past two.

    2 years ago in (my god) 2004, my family were in sunny Australia, around 10000 miles away from our family, who until that year, we had never spent a Christmas away from. Christmas day was different to say the least. As we were staying with some old family friends, who are both Australian, we wanted to have a nice Australian Christmas dinner, cooked on the BBQ. This wasn’t going to happen however as one of them wanted a traditional English roast dinner: Turkey, roast potatoes and lots of veggies. So we took the middle ground and cooked the traditional meal on the BBQ. Not a good plan as it took 10 hours to cook and it was way past lunch time when we got to eat it.

    The present were interesting that year as well. We all got Boomerangs off Santa (:P). What a great present that was. Going down to the local cricket field and learning to throw a boomerang on Christmas day in Australia. That hasn’t happened to me before : D

    That year was matched the next year with our 4th trip to my aunt and uncle in the French alps for a ski trip. What could be better than spending Christmas day on the ski slopes with Santa hats on, -15C :S The snow really makes the holiday so much better.

    This year is possibly going to end up as one of the best Christmas’ away so far. I’m going for 5 days to the south of France, along with 25 other members of my overly large family. Hopefully it will be as good as the other two years.

    I’ll see you again next Thursday everyone.

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  6. Welcome To The New Blog

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    After a long time of letting this blog sit here and do nothing, I’m going to revive it. To kick things off I’ve made a brand new layout for the site, completely new and made by me :D

    I managed to get the old pink colour into the layout as well as many new bright and fun colours. The layout took me about a week of work to get it right, and another week to get it into WordPress as a theme.

    I’m really happy with the menu which took just a few lines of jQuery JavaScript code to get it working. Once I get it perfect I’ll release it as a jQuery plugin for anyone to use. Give me a few weeks for that.

    I still need to work on the different pages of the site but the web design tab, and all the pages in it, are working perfectly. I’ve even made it possible for you to post comments on some of the pages, for feedback on the plugins and other little bits that I’ve made.
    I’m still adding bits to the right menu and getting it looking right but I will be done soon.

    If you have any comments on the layout, then post a comment bellow. If you have a Gravatar then it should show up next to your comment. I’m really happy with the design of the comments bit as well. Clean and simple :D

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